Product Designer


The project ‘In Disguise’ deals with forced migration within Dutch cities. Through conversations with inhabitants, housing agencies and architects, Jule Cats came to know more about the different thoughts and emotions connected to home-demolition. This research proved that barely anyone is willing to leave their home. People dealing with this situation feel angry, sad and unwanted. After the demolition process, the original inhabitants cannot return to their familiar districts. They feel like their feelings and situations are being ignored. This series of vases, made of plastic resin and concrete, translates this research into a physical object to reveal this theme.

The ‘In Disguise’ vases were spotted by ELLE Magazine during OBJECT Rotterdam 2017.


‘How can memories be translated into a new material?’ This was the main research-question for the project ‘Demolished Memories’. This side table is made out of a mixture of resin and grinded bricks from Jule’s demolished home. The colour of the table is fully gained by the colour of the bricks.